Terry is a former aircraft coastal pilot, a business man and an ocean vessel enthusiast who enjoys the rejuvenating solitude that West Coast inlets offer. He is based in his carving site within a small community on the Pacific Ocean, west coast of Vancouver Island, Ucluelet, British Columbia.


Terry's creative talents, as a natural born artist, are extensive and he excels in any medium he picks up.  He chose chain saw sculpture at a crossroads in his life and has never looked back.  He is a master carver with such an eye for detail and realism that his carved bears have fooled neighbors, dogs and even the odd bear!  Workmen reported a hilarious story of a big bear walking up to one of Terry’s bear sculptures installed in an owners yard. After squaring off a few times gave it one good cuff across the face and sauntered away.  The owner chose to leave the scars in his famous piece.


From life-sized grizzlies to realistic eagles; herons; salmon; beavers, mountain sheep to any wildlife, his work must be seen to appreciate the depth of what goes into each one of his carvings.  Always the artist, Terry dreams up ideas for designs that are unique, personalized and utterly captivating.  


Terry is a generous man with a big heart who has shared his God-given talents helping countless artists get off to a good start in their own carving careers. Always there to give a helping hand, he has offered tips and techniques and designed winning wildlife scenes for other artists.